Sports Sunglasses: How to Choose the Right Pair for Your Sport

When it comes to sports sunglasses, there is a wide variety of women’s and men’s glasses styles to help protect your eyes. That said, choosing the right sunglasses for playing sport requires much more thought than just the style of frames. Depending on the type of sport you’re participating in, you need to consider the materials used in the lenses, as well as the tint. There are also other factors such as weight and design that you should look at when making a purchase. Here is a straightforward guide to choosing the right sports sunglasses for your sport.

Key features of sports sunglasses

When considering sunglasses for sports, there are certain criteria you should look for:

  • A wrap around style of sunglasses will not only help protect your eyes, but will also give clear vision and remain secure while you are active. In addition to sunlight these glasses can also keep out wind and rain as well as harmful UV radiation.
  • Choose sunglasses that are lightweight for comfort, yet stable enough to remain in place despite shaky head movements or sweat.
  • Choose lenses made from polycarbonate materials or Trivex. These materials are 20 times more impact resistant than regular glass and completely shatter proof, which is crucial to avoid any eye injuries.
  • Consider the lens colour. Most sunglasses feature a grey lens that dulls light but does not add contrast.
  • Lens tint categories will indicate how much light the lens lets through. Category 0 lenses such as clear and lighter colours will let in the most light, while Category 4 darker coloured lenses let in very little light. Regular grey lenses are around Category 3.

Lens colours

  • Grey – This is the most common colour of lens for sports sunglasses. It reduces light but does not alter contrast or the colour of objects. Best used for general sunny day activities.
  • Brown – Increases contrast, making objects appear sharper. Good for sports where you need to judge distance, such as golf.
  • Yellow – Enhances light which is good for low visibility and cloudy conditions. Also adds contrast and depth perception. Not suitable for bright conditions.
  • Clear – Provides no protection from light or visual enhancements, but can protect against impacts or dust.
  • Green – Improves the tone of colours and enhances contrast. Can be combined with grey lenses for further contrast and light protection.
  • Red/Orange – Filters out blue light that causes eye strain. Makes objects appear sharper. Great for golfing, cycling, skiing, and shooting.
  • Blue – Emphasises the colour yellow. Useful for tennis and archery which use yellow balls and bulls.
  • Purple – Dulls green colours and emphasises black, white, orange, and pink colours. Popular for clay shooting as well as golf.
  • Mirror – Features a special coating applied to the lens. Helps to limit glare and protect against snow blindness. As such, they are popular for snow sports and mountain climbing.

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