Sunglasses Lens Tints: Which Colour is Right for You?

It’s common for people to pick a lens colour for their sunglasses purely for the look. But did you know that there is a purpose to each different lens colour? Different sunglasses lens tints will perform at their best during different activities and in different environments. In fact, lens tint can boost depth perception, reduce eye fatigue, and improve vision in a wide range of weather conditions.

So, before you pick your next pair of sunglasses, it’s worth knowing a thing or two about sunglasses lens tints. Matching a tint to your lifestyle will lead to better performance from your sunglasses.

A colour guide to sunglass lens tints

Grey Lenses

Grey lenses are one of the most popular tints. They provide good protection from glare, whether shining from above or from wet roads. Grey tints will provide plenty of protection, whilst offering the purest colour perception of all the lenses. With good performance on sunny and cloudy days, grey is a great all-purpose tint.

Brown Lenses

Brown tints perform most strongly in the sunniest weather. A brown tint will heighten contrast in sunny conditions, allowing you to clearly pick things out from the landscape. This goes hand in hand with improved depth perception over other tints, making them great for any job involving judging distance. However, this tint isn’t recommended for a cloudy, dull day.

Yellow Lenses

Yellow lenses are popular with all kinds of sports people. In foggy, hazy, or low-light conditions yellow tints can provide a strong boost to clarity. This is perfect for sportsmen who need to track moving objects in this kind of weather. But that’s not all, yellow tints can also reduce eye strain from screens. So whether you’re playing cricket or playing a flight simulator, you might want to consider yellow.

Blue Lenses

Blue lenses offer practical protection from UV rays. At the same time, they’re a fashionable colour which is popular at pool-sides everywhere. A blue tint keeps colour perception strong, whilst also helping you pick out outlines. This makes them good for foggy or snowy conditions. Whether you’re hitting ski slopes or sand dunes, blue lenses will look the part.

Pink & Red Lenses

Pink or red tints bring a bold splash of colour to your look, whilst also boosting your vision. An increased depth of field makes these tints popular with both drivers and winter sports fans. By blocking blue light, this rosy tint also reduces eye strain from computers and helps the eyes grapple with changing contrast.

Green Lenses

Green lenses are something of an underdog, offering all-purpose performance in sunny and low light environments. A green tint will greatly reduce glare, whilst keeping colour accuracy. For outdoor use in all kinds of weathers, you can’t top the adaptability of green lenses.

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