Glasses Styles: Our Favourite Trends for 2021

2021 has brought with it a range of glasses trends, from fresh, experimental statements to timeless classics. We have also seen trends for glasses styles that offer style and sophistication, as well as protection. Here are our top picks for glasses styles in 2021, and tips for choosing the perfect frames to suit your face shape.

Large Frames

One noticeable factor in this year’s glasses styles is the abundance of large and oversized frames. Not only do these completely shield the eyes, but they have also been said to help protect against viruses such as COVID-19. For decades, large frames have been a symbol of glamour. Large frames complement those with round faces in particular as they contrast well with soft features.

Thin Frames

Slim and thin frames have been popular for a few years now and it looks like they aren’t going away any time soon. Thin frames offer a chic and elegant look that is favoured by many online personalities and influencers. These types of frames in particular are perfect for those with more triangular or oval faces.

Round Frames

A classic in terms of glasses styles, round frames have been around for decades and have seen an upsurge in popularity in the last few years. These glasses are always a reliable choice that offer an effortless sense of style. Round frames are most flattering for those with angular features, such as oval or square faces. These glasses work well in softening the overall appearance of angular faces.

Aviator Frames

They were the essence of cool in the 1970s, and now aviator frames have made a return for that stylish retro look. Aviators work best for those with square faces as the curved angles balance well with defined chins and cheekbones.

Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses are another classic style from yesteryear making its return in 2021. These cute frames come with bright colours and exaggerated shapes that look both stylish and fun. Perfect for a night out or lunch with friends.

Wooden Frames

For those looking for a more natural and environmentally conscious choice, wooden frames are an emerging trend in recent years. Wooden frames work well with any style of glasses and can be modified with a variety of colour finishes.

Transparent Frames

On the other side of glasses styles for this year are transparent and clear frames. These glasses add a sense of glamour with subtle pastel colourations and a range of unique styles. The perfect choice for those who want something a little different from traditional wire frames.

Blue Light Lenses

Finally, as many of us are spending more time looking at our screens for work or leisure, the risk of eye strain and long term damage also increases. As such, blue light lenses have recently become hugely popular as they help block the harmful effects of blue light from screens.

Focus Opticians

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